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Year 7 Activity sheet 3 Keeping fresh This activity looks at the best storage solutions for keeping fruit and vegetables fresh. Discussion about ethylene production and temperature....

Using fruit and vegetables to provide a starter for poetry. Students can then go on to record their poems using either handheld recording devices or directly onto a computer using appropriate software.

Making soup is a a good way of adding vegetables into your diet. This activity is very practical involving preparation and cooking of vegetables. Tasting combined with testing for best flavours and textures adds an extra zest to this activity

Researching food sources is particularly good as it provides an excellent opportunity to link growing areas and countries with weather conditions and climate. Looking at other countries using digital atlases allows us to see aerial photographs of the landscape. We need to be aware of interde...

These sheets explain the Vitamins found in foods, their sources and roles

  An essential item for collecting data for analysing fruit and vegetable consumption for a week. You can use across classes or year groups. Interesting to use before, during or after Top Chomps activities to assess any changes in consumption.

These sheets explain the key minerals found in foods, their sources and roles

  This briefing sheet for teachers gives a simple explanation of the role of fibre in digestion and waste removal from the body.

Using the Top Chomps at home?  Why not use the cards to promote discussion about fruits or vegetables your children haven't tried before. Perhaps you could take them shopping with you to a grocery store or supermarket. Which fruit and vegetable is in season? Which ones can we grow in this count...

Here are some outlines of the possible projects linked to Top Chomps cards along with  spreadsheets containing the key data from the cards.  

  Which taste better, frozen or fresh peas and beans? This activity promotes growing beans in the classroom and at home. Use for science and ICT activities. Lots of measurement and use of digital microscopes.