Teacher feedback from Linda Bamber

Dear Simon,

I want to thank you for the Top Chomps cards and you asked if I would let you know how the children interacted with them.
As you know I used them with a group of 8/9 year old children with moderate behavioural issues and below average attainment in Maths and English.
Firstly, because they are a familiar format, they found them easy to play and understand.
They enjoyed the competitive element and I used them in both Maths (weight, decimals and number ordering) and English (reading, speaking and listening)
As the children began to play they learned some surprising facts about fruit and veg as well as discovering some they hadn’t heard of. This led to several tasting sessions!!
I believe that as this group were mostly in the vulnerable category, raising their awareness of healthy options is imperative.
Many thanks once again.
Kind Regards
Linda Bamber