Check Your Food

Worthwhile having a look at is Check your food

I would recommend that Secondary Food Tech teachers who haven’t come across this site make a visit.

CheckYourFood is a website for people who want to look after their overall health by eating ordinary food, as food’s no longer about counting calories or following the latest trends, it’s about giving your body everything it needs to protect and enhance your health.
The whole site is displayed in a magazine style format making it really accessible to every user, from young to old, wanting to improve their health.
CheckYourFood has over 1800 ingredients and over 600 recipes available with their full nutritional content and any allergens displayed.
RDA’s (recommended daily allowances), the effects of cooking and portion sizes are all taken into account so you can get a really accurate view on the nutrition in your food.
Not only that, it also has 76 nutrients listed with the foods highest in them by portion size.
All of the information is scientifically backed, so you know you’re getting the latest peer reviewed nutritional information.
Since launching we’ve helped people reach all kinds of goals, from losing weight to overcoming health problems, building strength and endurance, avoiding allergens, identifying deficiencies and helping with ageing.
If you want more you can sign up for a premium account where you’ll be able to keep a food diary, analyse your meals and plan menus to maximise the health benefits of your food. You can also track your sugar intake and the glycemic load of your meals.