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What are the recommended daily intakes (RDI) for Fibre,Vitamin A,Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron

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World Health Organisation recommendations

As part of a healthy diet low in fat, sugars and sodium, WHO suggests consuming more than 400 grams of fruits and vegetables per day to improve overall health and reduce the risk of certain non communicable diseases.


  • Approximately 1.7 million (2.8%) of deaths worldwide are attributable to low fruit and vegetable consumption.
  • Low fruit and vegetable intake is among the top 10 selected risk factors for global mortality.
  • Worldwide, insufficient intake of fruit and vegetables is estimated to cause around 14% of gastrointestinal cancer deaths, about 11% of ischaemic heart disease deaths and about 9% of stroke deaths.

UCL study suggests increase in daily fruit and veg intake linked to lower chance of death from stroke and cancer

A study carried out by experts at University College London, who analysed the eating habits of 65,000 people, revealed through eight years of the Health Survey for England, and matched them with causes of death.

The clear finding was that eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, including salads, was linked to living a longer life generally and in particular, to a lower chance of death from heart disease, stroke and cancer.

Eating at least seven portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day was linked to a 42% lower risk of death from all causes. It was also associated with a 25% lower risk of cancer and 31% lower risk of heart disease or stroke. Vegetables seemed to give significantly more protection against disease than eating fruit, they say.




Knock, Knock

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